a good read....

a good read....

Postby martin bates » Fri Oct 31, 2014 3:14 pm

I suppose most of us will have a particular book we are reading at the moment !
however I thought I'd share an author I've picked up on recently. His name is Greg Iles & I first came across a book called Natchez Burning that I could get as a free sample on my e-reader. I really liked it & bought the book(it's the first of a trilogy). Then I ventured into more of his & I think they are very good reading -I suppose you would say thrillers. I was first attracted by the theme of the book - 60's civil rights in the south etc with plenty of mentions for Natchez/ Concordia Parish etc and the associated culture we are all familiar with. The book soon moves in to the modern day as the 'hero' has to solve the murder of young blacks in the 60s that his father ( an upstanding citizen) is implicated in.; without giving a review of the full book - thought it might appeal to some of us on here. The authors' other books are all in similar locations & I think he's a native of Natchez...he has a web page if anyone wants to look further.
Reading up on the song Beautiful Dreamer, some people think it's about Stephen Fosters ex wife & there's some debate if she's supposed to be alive or dead; one of the Greg Iles books is to do with a series of paintings called the Sleeping Women, and again there is similar debate - are they supposed to be alive or dead....& have the subjects been the victims of crime.....

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