My personal mission

My personal mission

Postby Traunda » Sun Jan 16, 2011 1:00 am

Having seen an near pal going trough a tough moment due to a disease caused from smoking I made it my own quest to rescue as many other people as is possible from the same exact fate, but shortly I realized that regardless how great the arguments are it is actually extremely hard to make a smoker give up smoking, not because the arguments aren't sufficiently good and not necessarily because the smoker just isn't happy to stop but merely because nicotine is really a more addictive drug than heroin as well as cocaine (scientifically proven).

Then I discovered there's actually a way to quit smoking with out stopping smoking, so give the smoker his / her pleasure as well as habit but preserve him or her from the dangerous effects of cigarette smoking.

What I am referring to are electric cigarettes. Read about all the negative effects associated with smoking and the way an electronic cigarette may help you quite smoking cigarettes or simply permit you to follow your routine and get your kick without the harmful negative effects of smoking on my web-site

P.S. I am hoping this will not get deleted because of having a link to my webpage as I only attempt to inform and help.

Take care

Chrissy M.

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Re: My personal mission

Postby bailbath » Sun Jan 16, 2011 10:36 am

Well this forum is made up of different sections. One is called off topic, which is where I would put this topic. The place you have put this in is a section for a man who has been known to be 'a little wild' but has put those days behind him. So if anyone here wanted to stop something like say smoking they have the best example to follow. I'm not sure if u r genuine or not so I'm going to move this to correct section with a caution that may get deleted if I find this is some sort of scam.
Thank you

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Re: My personal mission

Postby Dave McKee » Sun Jan 16, 2011 4:12 pm

Spain banned smoking in all public areas from January 3 this year, and it's amazing how many of my friends who can't give up have taken to these electronic fags. Only problem is that they are so realistic, there is still a risk of being thrown out of a bar!
Dave McKee

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