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It is not banned in any any part of the country, just if you rent from certain landlords or belong to certain homeowner associations.

Homeowner associations can be very scary. In some extreme cases, people have had their homes taken away by them homeowner associations. How? Well, in some homeowner associations if you do something against their rules, you can be fined. If you do not pay the fine in a timely manner, the association can auction off the house to get the money owed. In one case, I read about someone losing a home over about $1000 in fines!

Fortunately not everyone belongs to homeowner associations. It is more like an "exclusive" neighborhood. Everyday homes are usually not part of a homeowner association, and while some landlords might ban clothing lines, I think they are probably more the exception.

I th ink most Americans use a dryer when possible because it is easier and many Americans prefer to do that which is most easy. In my apartment complex, some Mexicans hang their clothes out to dry on clothing lines. The reason why is because they can only afford to wash the clothes; using a dryer is a luxury they cannot afford.
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