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Postby PianoLidAgain » Fri Dec 30, 2011 9:05 pm

The phpBB search function is practically usesless. It may work for you when searching on a single key word -- "breathless," say -- but you can forget "who's gonna play this old piano" as the search yields entries containing any of those words when what you want are entries containing all of the words or, even better, the entire phrase as delimited by quotes or brackets.

One of the benefits of an open forum is that we can let Google index the content and then search that content using the site: option to limit the search to just, like so: "who's gonna play this old piano"

This is a Google search, of course. I think it's more common for the option to occur at the end, but it works either way:

"who's gonna play this old piano"

This can be stunningly useful. I could not remember where I'd last seen Jerry's claim that he played piano as well at 13 as he does now. After some fumbling around [ "i was as good"] returned one match from January, 2008, and it was perfect.

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