Jerry Lee Lewis-Sao Paulo Dec 1, 1993

Jerry Lee Lewis-Sao Paulo Dec 1, 1993

Postby bailbath » Wed Jul 22, 2015 5:52 pm

Ian Holton 6 months ago (edited)
Give Jerry inferior equipment what else is he gonna do with it?
Alex Valenzi 3 weeks ago (edited)
I work on the show Ian, as a support for Jerry and the band, and opening with my band, it wasn't actually inferior equipment, it was top equipment, the real problem was, first, the louzy promoter didn't get an eletric CP80 Yamaha wich was required, instead he got an acoustic piano(because he got it for free!! and it's very hard to get a good sound out of an acoustic rock piano, that's why the rider required an eletric piano or a Midi Grand digital!!
and second thing jerry, who coudn't hear the piano(obviously) started to bring the volume of his fender amp, wich Kenny plugs into the piano as an extra monitor tryig to hear the piano, so you got feedback!!
bottom line: top equipment, top technician, A legendary Artist trying to hear what he's doing, but a lousy promoter who didn't get the required right equipment, The CP80 eletric piano to cut expenses,.
only getting the record straight brother and blamin' the real guilt part
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Re: Jerry Lee Lewis-Sao Paulo Dec 1, 1993

Postby PeterC » Wed Jul 22, 2015 6:00 pm

bailbath's very hard to get a good sound out of an acoustic rock piano...

Yet Little Richard and Fats Domino always managed to do it. :roll:

I've never been totally convinced Kenny Lovelace knows what he's doing when setting the sound balance during soundchecks. Whenever I saw Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis on the same bill Richard's piano was always higher in the mix, despite the fact that he had a far bigger and louder band.

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