What Are Your Favourite JLL Bootlegs?

Re: What Are Your Favourite JLL Bootlegs?

Postby Dirk B. » Wed May 06, 2015 4:02 pm

Strange indeed.
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Re: What Are Your Favourite JLL Bootlegs?

Postby peter molecz » Wed May 06, 2015 9:37 pm

PeterC wrote:
PeterC wrote:One other very important bootleg at the time (that no-one's mention) was of course "The Million Dollar Quartet"! Can still remember the thrill of playing this for the very first time, even though we were all wondering where Johnny Cash was.

This was of course reissued officially, albeit with a different cover & label! I think this is the only time this has ever happened with a JLL bootleg.

There is even a reissue of OMD-001 with the same front and back cover (back cover in black/white):

The Brazil LP 5027 on Rarity records. Back cover tells "Sob Licenca de Charly Records" - it seems being an official release.

There are many other bootlegs which were rereleased later, mostly on CD.
One LP rerelease is f.e.the Album "Live AT Gilley´s" LP 001 which was rereleased with pink cover. (original release had red cover).

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