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Postby PirateHook » Sat Dec 12, 2015 5:26 am

That setlist gives me Goosebumps! She must have done Oh Boy good? It should be on New Rose ROSE 175 - Every Day Is A Holly Day (VA) - Linda on "Oh Boy" (France - Double 10") But i haven't heard it.

PeterC wrote:Back in 2004 or 2005 I put together 4 LGL compilations from my many hours of amateur videos (see below), did I send copies of these to anyone on here??? Unfortunately I don't have them anymore, and coming across this list yesterday I really wish I'd kept them... :oops:

Linda Gail Lewis – The Amateur Collection Volume One (2 hours)

1. Matchbox (Stragnas, Sweden, 7.April.90 – Show 1)
2. Oh Boy (Stragnas, Sweden, 7.April.90 – Show 1)
3. Baby What You Want Me To Do (Stragnas, Sweden, 7.April.90 – Show 2)
4. Boppin’ The Blues (Stragnas, Sweden, 7.April.90 – Show 2)
5. Money (Hernando’s Hideaway, Memphis, Sept.90)
6. Tongue & Cheek (Hernando’s Hideaway, Memphis, Dec.90)
7. Don’t Close Your Eyes (Hernando’s Hideaway, Memphis, Dec.90)
8. The Twist (Hernando’s Hideaway, Memphis, Dec.90)
9. Faded Love (Hernando’s Hideaway, Memphis, Dec.90)
10. Rocky Top (Hernando’s Hideaway, Memphis, Dec.90)
11. I Can Help (Hernando’s Hideaway, Memphis, Dec.90)
12. Right Or Wrong (Hernando’s Hideaway, Memphis, Dec.90)
13. Down The Line (London, 3.July.91)
14. Nothin’ Shakin’ (London, 3.July.91)
15. Great Big Crush (London, 3.July.91)
16. Help Me Make It Trough The Night (Alkmaar, Holland, 2.Nov.91)
17. Mean Man Blues (Newport, Wales, 8.Nov.91)
18. Black Cadillac (Newport, Wales, 8.Nov.91)
19. Mean Mean Man (Newport, Wales, 8.Nov.91)
20. I’ll Take Memphis (Newport, Wales, 8.Nov.91)
21. Hey Lady (Newport, Wales, 8.Nov.91)
22. Big Boss Man (Newport, Wales, 8.Nov.91)
23. The Blues Is Alright (Newport, Wales, 8.Nov.91)
24. Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean (Kongsberg, Norway, 23.Nov.91)
25. Long Tall Sally (Kongsberg, Norway, 23.Nov.91)
26. Flip, Flop & Fly (Hagen, Germany, 30.May.92)
27. Bright Lights, Big City (Hagen, Germany, 30.May.92)
28. Sweet Home Chicago (Hagen, Germany, 30.May.92)
29. I Ain’t Ready To Grow Up (Hernando’s Hideaway, Memphis, 1992)
30. I Fall To Pieces (Hernando’s Hideaway, Memphis, 1992)
31. Walkin’ After Midnight (Hernando’s Hideaway, Memphis, 1992)
32. Saving The Best For Last (Hernando’s Hideaway, Memphis, 1992)
33. Your Love Is So Cold I’m Turning Blue (Hernando’s Hideaway, Memphis, 1992)
34. Your Cheatin’ Heart (Hernando’s Hideaway, Memphis, 1992)
35. One Of Them Old Things (Hernando’s Hideaway, Memphis, 1992)
36. Hound Dog – Rockin’ My Life Away – Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On (Hernando’s, 1992)
37. I Waited Too Long (Hernando’s Hideaway, Memphis, 1992)

Linda Gail Lewis – The Amateur Collection Volume Two (2 hours)

1. Fujiyama Mama (Hernando’s Hideaway, Memphis, 1992)
2. Room Full Of Roses – You Win Again (Hernando’s Hideaway, Memphis, 1992)
3. Sweet Dreams (Hernando’s Hideaway, Memphis, 1992)
4. Hey Good Lookin’ (Hernando’s Hideaway, Memphis, 1992)
5. What’d I Say – Rockin’ My Life Away – Whole Lotta Shakin’ – Sexy Ways (Hernando’s, 1992)
6. Rockin’ Blues (Newport, Wales, 13.Nov.92)
7. Sexy Ways (Newport, Wales, 13.Nov.92)
8. Too Many Rivers (Newport, Wales, 14.Nov.92)
9. Jackson (Newport, Wales, 14.Nov.92)
10. Let’s Have A Party (Scarborough, England, 18.Nov.92)
11. Got You On My Mind (Memphis, 30.April.92)
12. Night Train To Memphis (Uddevalla, Sweden, 1995)
13. I’m Ready (Uddevalla, Sweden, 1995)
14. Jambalaya (Uddevalla, Sweden, 1995)
15. Roll Over Beethoven (Peabody Hotel, Memphis, 28.April.96)
16. When You Wore A Tulip (Peabody Hotel, Memphis, 28.April.96)
17. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Telford, 22.June.98)
18. Real Gone Lover (Shepherd’s Bush, London, April.99)
19. Rockin’ Good Way (Shepherd’s Bush, London, April.99)
20. Good Golly Miss Molly (Southport, 16.Oct.99)
21. Let’s Jump The Broomstick (Manchester, 1999)
22. I’ll Sail My Ship Alone (Manchester, 1999)
23. Tennessee Waltz (Dulwich, London, 25.Feb.2000 – Show 1)
24. Never Wear Mascara (Dulwich, London, 25.Feb.2000 – Show 1)
25. Livin’ Lovin’ Wreck (Dulwich, London, 25.Feb.2000 – Show 1)
26. End Of The Road (Dulwich, London, 25.Feb.2000 – Show 1)
27. Whirlwind (Dulwich, London, 25.Feb.2000 – Show 1)
28. The Dark End Of The Street (Dulwich, London, 25.Feb.2000 – Show 2)
29. Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Empty Arms) (Dulwich, London, 25.Feb.2000 – Show 2)
30. Swinging Doors (slow & fast) (Dulwich, London, 25.Feb.2000 – Show 2)
31. Cryin’ Time (Dulwich, London, 25.Feb.2000 – Show 2)
32. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Dulwich, London, 25.Feb.2000 – Show 2)
33. How’s My Ex Treating You (Dulwich, London, 25.Feb.2000 – Show 2)
34. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down (Dulwich, London, 25.Feb.2000 – Show 2)
35. Another Place Another Time (Dulwich, London, 25.Feb.2000 – Show 2)
36. Fujiyama Mama (Dulwich, London, 25.Feb.2000 – Show 2)
37. You Are My Sunshine (Manchester, 26.March.2000)
38. Over The Rainbow (Manchester, 26.March.2000)

Linda Gail Lewis – The Amateur Collection Volume Three (2 hours)

1. Old Time Rock & Roll (Mirande, France, 15.July.2000)
2. Here Ever After (Mirande, France, 15.July.2000)
3. 1,2,3 – I’m In Love Again (Mirande, France, 15.July.2000)
4. What’d I Say (Mirande, France, 15.July.2000)
5. Cottonfields (Mirande, France, 15.July.2000)
6. Rockin’ My Life Away (Mirande, France, 15.July.2000)
7. Dixie (Mirande, France, 15.July.2000)
8. Land Of 1000 Dances (Mirande, France, 15.July.2000)
9. What A Beautiful Day (Bristol, 25.August.2001)
10. Blueberry Hill (Bristol, 25.August.2001)
11. The Crawdad Song (Bristol, 25.August.2001)
12. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down (Bristol, 25.August.2001)
13. You Don’t Know Me (Bristol, 25.August.2001)
14. Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee (Bristol, 25.August.2001)
15. Nothin’ Shakin’ (Bristol, 25.August.2001)
16. The Wild Side Of Life (Bristol, 25.August.2001)
17. It All Depends (Who’ll Buy The Wine) (Bristol, 25.August.2001)
18. Goodnight Irene / When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob Bobin’ Along (Bristol, 25.Aug.2001)
19. When The Saints Go Marching In (Bristol, 25.August.2001)
20. Out Of The Shadows (London, 19.10.2002)
21. Baby, I’m In Love (London, 19.10.2002)
22. Life Without You (London, 19.10.2002)
23. Paradise To Me (London, 19.10.2002)
24. The Sweetest Love (London, 19.10.2002)
25. I’d Rather Stay Home & Rock & Roll (London, 19.10.2002)
26. Real Gone Lover (London, 19.10.2002)
27. In The Boogie Woogie Country Mood (Munich, 12.April.2003)
28. Fools Like Me (Munich, 12.April.2003)
29. Old Black Joe (Munich, 12.April.2003)
30. I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You (Dordrecht, Holland, 11.Oct.2003)
31. All Shook Up (Dordrecht, Holland, 11.Oct.2003)
32. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Dordrecht, Holland, 11.Oct.2003)
33. Born To Lose (Dordrecht, Holland, 11.Oct.2003)
34. I’m On The Loose (London, 22.Nov.2003)
35. Break Up (London, 22.Nov.2003)
36. One Night (London, 22.Nov.2003)

Linda Gail Lewis – The Amateur Collection Volume Four (2 hours)

1. Hillbilly Rock (London, 1.April.2004)
2. Last Hard Bible (London, 1.April.2004)
3. What Did You Want From Me (London, 1.April.2004)
4. Absence Makes The Heart Go Wander (London, 1.April.2004)
5. You Can Have My Husband (London, 1.April.2004)
6. Strange Things Happening Everyday (London, 1.April.2004)
7. Where Could I Go But To The Lord (London, 1.April.2004)
8. Jailhouse Rock (London, 1.April.2004)
9. Let’s Talk About Us (London, 1.April.2004)
10. Jailhouse Rock (London, 1.April.2004)
11. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (New Brighton, 4.July.2004)
12. Goody Goody (New Brighton, 4.July.2004)
13. Last Hard Bible (New Brighton, 4.July.2004)
14. What Did You Want From Me (New Brighton, 4.July.2004)
15. Just Say It (New Brighton, 4.July.2004)
16. Absence Makes The Heart Go Wander (New Brighton, 4.July.2004)
17. Shake, Rattle & Roll (New Brighton, 4.July.2004)
18. All Shook Up (New Brighton, 4.July.2004)
19. Johnny B. Goode (New Brighton, 4.July.2004)
20. That’s Alright Mama (New Brighton, 4.July.2004)
21. As Long As I’m Movin’ (London, 21.Aug.2004)
22. Wild One (London, 21.Aug.2004)
23. Lie & Deny (London, 21.Aug.2004)
24. Wait & See (London, 21.Aug.2004)
25. Jambalaya (London, 21.Aug.2004)
26. High School Confidential (Southend-On-Sea, 19.Sept.2004)
27. Great BallsOf Fire (Southend-On-Sea, 19.Sept.2004)
28. Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On (Southend-On-Sea, 19.Sept.2004)
29. Old Black Joe (Bolton, 22.Oct.2004)
30. Rip It Up (Bolton, 22.Oct.2004)
31. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Bolton, 22.Oct.2004)
32. Roll Over Beethoven (Vergeze, France, 12.Nov.2004)
33. Blue Suede Shoes (Vergeze, France, 12.Nov.2004)
34. Lovin’ Up A Storm (Vergeze, France, 12.Nov.2004)
35. I’m On Fire (Vergeze, France, 12.Nov.2004)
36. Crazy Arms (Vergeze, France, 12.Nov.2004)

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Re: Linda Gail Lewis & Annie Marie Dolan

Postby PeterC » Sat Dec 12, 2015 10:51 am

Her version of 'Oh Boy' is pretty good, but there's no piano on it and the vocal is a duet with a male singer. The recording (released in 1987) was notable for being her first record release since 1974.

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Re: Linda Gail Lewis & Annie Marie Dolan

Postby PirateHook » Sun Dec 13, 2015 1:32 am

Pity it didn't feature piano as it is the best part. Thanks for the info!

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Re: Linda Gail Lewis & Annie Marie Dolan

Postby PeterC » Wed Jun 10, 2020 9:00 am

Good recent interview from 1:22 to 1:32

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