Cavan Grogan R.I.P.

Cavan Grogan R.I.P.

Postby PeterC » Tue Mar 03, 2020 4:17 pm

A couple of weeks ago now, but no-one else as mentioned it on here. A very important part of the '70s rock 'n' roll revival scene. ... t-17789164

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Re: Cavan Grogan R.I.P.

Postby MarkusR » Sat Mar 07, 2020 9:15 pm

Well I just saw CRAZY CAVAN AND THE RHYTHM ROCKERS on one of their Rock-a-Billy Tours in Germany as being the headliner on a several-hours-concert with few other groups. I was supposed to record the whole festival, standing on a table with my camera on a tripod.
They came far after midnight and although I like this music, I couldn't stand it no more, but still had to stand by for the main act.
They played one and a half hour and received tumultus aplause from the nearly all drunken teddy boys.
For me it was too much at all and after 5 hours of only Rock-a-Billy I was done with this music.
Unfortunately I made only one copy for my friend and erased the master tape. So only memories of that show from 1990 or 1991.

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Re: Cavan Grogan R.I.P.

Postby Tony Papard » Tue Mar 24, 2020 3:35 pm

Been following them since 1970/71. Have several of their excellent albums, mostly self-written songs by Grogan and Needs. Last saw them in November 2019.
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