RIP Alan Wise

RIP Alan Wise

Postby wolfgangguhl » Sun Dec 01, 2019 6:30 pm

He was the promoter of Chuck Berry's and Jerry Lee Lewis' UK Tour in 2004 and also managed to bring Little Richard over in 2005.

Make no mistake, he was a terrible promoter and totally amateurish, but this story is a heartbreaking one: ... s-11418317

May he be reunited with his daughter.

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Re: RIP Alan Wise

Postby martin bates » Sun Dec 22, 2019 11:05 am

Thanks Wokfgang, I hadn't seen that news despite being on my own doorstep. I met Alan on that 2004 tour. I think he had a partner we rarely saw, Alan was the man on the ground assisted by local promoter Dougie James at some point. Dougie was on that Little Rochard tour as well. It was a bit chaotic with CB having his own shows besides the joint ones, and even Jerry had a private show (that didnt come off), so there was always a lot going on. Chuck preferred to drive himself against better judgement , and Jerry travelled by rail, cars and planes at various times. Alan Wise also booked hotels in every place they played - in case they ever didnt want to travel back to base. It was my understanding
that he was more used to working with classical musicians and was a bit out of his comfort zone -so all that in the newspaper about the Hacienda etc was new to me as well.
Sorry to read about his daughter, very sad for any parent.

martin bates

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