Son of Lonnie Donegan on TV

Son of Lonnie Donegan on TV

Postby martin bates » Tue Jan 08, 2019 1:23 pm

it may be of interest to some to know that Lonnie's son, Peter was a contestant on the TV talent show 'The Voice' in it's return this week.
If you don't know, the idea is that 4 judges listen to acts with their backs to them - and if during the course of the audition they like the act then they turn around. If one or more judges turn ,then the act can choose who it wishes to mentor them for the rest of the series; each judge ends up with a team of about 8 acts. Lonnie's son came over as a very likeable chap and sang well, accompanying himself on guitar. Of the 4 judges only one turned around (with some acts, nobody turns and they are out.) In this case it was Sir Tom Jones who then went on to discover the identity of his new recruit. Sir Tom is known to perform snippets for the audience ,having previously done GBF & WLS to the delight of the audience between takes etc. On this occasion he sang his Donegan composed hit I'll Never Fall in Love Again ,accompanied by Peter on keyboard. ... a2SWa9LSNJ

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