The Wagon Wheel!

The Wagon Wheel!

Postby Chris Davies » Mon Mar 16, 2020 2:46 pm


I have been searching for a photograph of The Wagon Wheel club which was located on Natchez Highway 61 North. Blue Cat, no problem! But I have never seen a photograph of The Wagon Wheel. The building vanished years ago after having subsequently being used as an auction house and a young persons community centre. Today, on the exact spot stands Church's Chicken which is a bland looking place.

I even have relatives of the Wagon Wheels owner, the late Julio May, looking for me! I don't think it will actually be anything special, a 'ranch' kind of a place which stood in a gravel parking lot. It was a restaurant in the day time and served great ribs so I am told. It seems that the Swan Club became the Wagon Wheel in 1954 when the Hilltop Inn (also owned by Julio May) burnt down, 'Hellfire' refers to 'The Dixie Club' becoming the Wagon Wheel but this appears inaccurate (there is no record of a Dixie Club in local directories). I have some more avenues to explore, some interesting leads, but it would be cool to hear if anyone here has ever even seen a picture of the legendary Wagon Wheel where Jerry spent several years perfecting his craft.

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